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It all began with a random day off of work...

I came in to discover that, due to new carpet installation, it would be impossible to do any work that day.  I decided to just take some much needed PTO.  As I gleefully walked out of the building, my attention turned to the Colorado State Capitol.  I had been working in downtown Denver for the past five years, and had never set foot inside that building, and I love historic shit.  I decided that today would be the day, and wandered over across Civic Center Park.  As I waited around a few minutes for the next tour to begin, I began to feel an urge, although faintly, in my guts.  The tour began and took our group all throughout the building.  We learned about the history and architecture and art, and we even got to go up in the dome.  All the while, my insides were ever more persistently nagging at me.  I disappeared at the end of the tour to find the nearest men's room, and there, I did my thing.  As I sat there upon the pot, marveling at the details of the tiled floor, the brass fixtures, and the oak woodwork, a thought popped into my head: "Hadn't I also pooped at the Texas state capitol last year?"  It struck me.  I had, indeed, pooped at the capitol in Austin.  I distinctly remembered doing so. 


Then I realized my destiny.


I must do this now. 


I will poop in all 50 US Capitols.

So now I'm blogging about it.

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